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Evolving Sportswear Trends - A Look at the Changing Landscape of Gym Wear in Pakistan

by Muhammad Shah (EWA) 18 Sep 2023
Gym Wear Pakistan

Remember how in 2020, when everyone started getting more health-conscious, we saw a big craze for super comfy activewear and cool athleisure outfits? Well, that trend is still going strong, and it's changing the way sportswear feels and looks. Let's dive into what's happening in the world of sporty clothes as we step into 2023.

From Yoga Pants to Team Jerseys

Think about all those different clothes people wear for workouts, like yoga pants, running gear, and even sports team jerseys. Well, each of these needs a special kind of material to make it just right. Core Fabrics like Polyester, Nylon, and Spandex dominate sportswear due to their lightweight, durable, and moisture-wicking properties. These fibers offer ideal qualities for activewear, making them key components of many garments.

  1. Polyester - A Versatile Staple: Polyester, known for affordability and durability, is frequently blended with other fabrics for added versatility. Its combinations with spandex provide stretch and recovery, while blending with cotton yields lightweight and breathable fabrics. Efforts are underway to introduce recycled polyester, enhancing sustainability.
  2. Spandex/Elastane - The Stretch Champion: Renowned for its exceptional stretch and recovery, spandex, or elastane, is a synthetic fiber ideal for activewear. Often combined with polyester or cotton, it enables comfortable movement and is utilized in leggings, yoga pants, compression garments, and swimwear.
  3. Nylon - The Durable Performer: A robust synthetic polymer, is prized for its strength, making it suitable for garments enduring rigorous activities. Commonly found in sports bras, cycling shorts, and outerwear, nylon offers support and durability. Its application in woven fabrics allows for water-repellent treatments, while advances in recycled nylon contribute to sustainability.
  4. Merino Wool - The Natural Comfort: It is sourced from merino sheep, and boasts softness and moisture-wicking properties. Despite its resource-intensive production, innovations like Nuyarn enhance its durability. Merino wool finds used in base layers, socks, and other skin-contact garments.

Synthetic Predominance with Sustainable Shifts

While sportswear trends toward sustainability, synthetic fibers, especially polyester, continue to dominate. Polyester's production has surged since 1985, projected to constitute over half of all clothing by 2025. Similarly, nylon production has grown substantially. Despite this, natural fibers like MMCFs have seen impressive growth, led by their sustainable properties.

Guiding Sportswear Design: Beyond Functionality

Crafting sportswear involves more than function alone; factors such as comfort, thermal regulation, and aesthetics play pivotal roles.

  1. Prioritizing Comfort and Performance: Sportswear should provide seamless comfort, allowing athletes to focus on their activities. Proper fabric selection eliminates issues like chafing, pinching, and discomfort.
  2. Temperature Regulation and Layering: Garments that offer independent or layered temperature control enhance versatility. Fabrics that glide smoothly and avoid sticking further elevate the wearer's experience.
  3. Aesthetic Appeal for Inspiration: Attractive designs empower wearers, inspiring motivation and energy. Attention to details like mesh panels, ergonomic seams, and captivating prints elevate style and functionality.

Wrapping Up: A Peek into the Future of Gym Wear Pakistan

As we step into 2023, the world of sportswear is taking exciting new strides, especially in the realm of Gym Wear in Pakistan. While synthetic fibers continue to lead the way, we're witnessing a transformative shift towards sustainable choices, much like the remarkable materials we've explored. An illustration of this shift can be found in the innovative offerings of, an athleisure brand dedicated to crafting top-notch gym wear.

As you embark on your fitness journey, remember that your choice of fabric goes beyond aesthetics. It's about embracing the incredible impact that the right sportswear can have on your active lifestyle. So, when you're seeking the best athleisure clothes Pakistan so do not forget to consider the remarkable collection at There, you'll discover a range of gym wear meticulously crafted from the very materials we've delved into.

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